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End-to-End Branded Resale Solution

Resale Solution

Key features

Our solution lets you launch your resale program in just a few weeks. With minimal technical effort, it seamlessly integrates into your existing stack.

API-based software.

Our tech seamlessly blends into your existing tech stack, helping to minimise costs and speed up time-to-market.

Entire resale solution.

We facilitate every step of the resale process, from re-listing the item and ensuring quality control to facilitating the resale purchase journey and overseeing the shipping of the item to its new home.

A smooth shopping experience.

Your customers can combine second-hand and new products in one single shopping cart.

Headless technology!

This means you can introduce the resale channel on your website without any backend work.

Full-on support.

We can manage everything, from approving listings to resolving disputes.


We've got the technical aspects and integration process completely under control. Plus, we'll guide you on how to shape your resale marketing strategy, integrate resale propositions into your current product offering, and optimize your channels for launch.


We provide a clear action plan and guidance to help you launch your resale program and get the most out of it.


Our support to clients continues. We also offer insights, performance reviews, and guidance on how to enhance and expand your program.

Resale in four easy steps


Customers log in, pick an item from their past orders or the product catalogue, and set their desired price.

Branded resale UX4

After we authenticate the item and it passes our review, it immediately goes live on your website for sale.

Branded resale UX 1

Customers can add both brand-new and used items to the same shopping cart. Pre-loved items are shipped directly from the previous owner to the new buyer.

Branded resale UX2

After a successful delivery, the seller gets rewarded with a gift card which then can be used for shopping in your store.

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