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We make
circular business models a breeze with P2P resale!

Make a splash in the circular economy with our easy-to-use, scalable tech. And the bonus? It's headless - that's one less knot to untie!

Circular fashion and branded resale sollutions

Our CtoC solution for a circular economy

From technical setup to operational support, we ensure a successful resale program launch and ongoing success.

End-to-End P2P Resale Solution

Our solution facilitates the entire resale process and seamlessly integrates into your existing product offering with just a few clicks - your customers can shop new and pre-loved items in the same basket!

Operational Support

We provide tailored support levels, handling everything from the approval of listings to dispute resolution.


We handle any technical work necessary to get your program up and running.

Client Success Program

We offer strategic guidance to support your business during the launch process and beyond, helping you make the most of your resale program.

Why should you launch P2P resale now?

Resale is an excellent entry point for brands to join this circular journey. It's easy to launch and offers immediate learning opportunities!

Make a Positive Impact Now

According to the Circularity Gap Report 2021 a circular economy could help reducing carbon emissions by 39% by 2032.

Reduce your carbon footprint with circular economy solutions

It's Growing

The second-hand market is forecasted to grow 5.4x in the next five years.

The second-hand market is forecasted to growO

Take Control of Your Brand and Quality

Your products are already being sold on second-hand marketplaces. Integrating P2P resale into your offer gives you complete control over your branding and provides your clients with a better second-hand experience.

Offer better second-hand experience to your customers

Grow Your Audience

P2P resale gives you an opportunity to engage a broader, younger and more eco-conscientious audience. 62% of Gen Z and Millennials will likely search for a second-hand item before considering a new purchase.

Engage a broader, younger and more eco-conscientious audience with your branded resale program.

Boost Retention and Customer Re-Engagement Rates.

Boost Retention and Customer Re-Engagement Rates. Embracing circularity can improve customer loyalty. For instance, offering vouchers for traded-in items could encourage repeat purchases.

Embracing circularity and improve customer loyalty.

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